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Self portrait with MOJO.jpg

I am a Columbia, South Carolina based artist who focuses on several media. Mixed media is the most interesting and exciting for me to create in my paintings. I sometimes experiment with collages to combine several materials that create contrast and texture. I earned a liberal arts degree from Lander University, which inspired a self-taught journey within my art. Painting quickly became my favorite form of expression. I find that my marks made by accident and artistic experimentation have created award- winning images for me in my career. 

Living in South Carolina, I’m inspired by the mountains and beaches that I have enjoyed, both of which remain artistic influences of my work. I enjoy sparking creativity in others through my art. This brings me great joy and inspires my artistic process. I discovered my art can bring people personal healing, hope and joy. Not just practicing but engaging in the creative process excites my senses and frees my emotions. Art is viewed differently by each viewer. There is a kind of mystery in the process of creating and sharing art that is inspiring. Being present is important while creating my art because that is when the process reveals my true self and purpose in life.  

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